Electric motor for parking brake calipers Tesla S and X. Is for vehicles with their own parking brake. Sand and salt brine up here in the north, tend to penetrate between the motor and the gear box, brushes are destroyed and the rotor gets stuck.

Delivery time of a few days by mail. Can also be picked up at St. hans haugen in Oslo.

Also note the following: 

  • Our experience is that parking brake errors in most cases are due to engine failure. The reasons may still be more complex. If it is water ingress around the o-ring that is the main problem (and not between the engine and gearbox), the gears can start to run slowly and, in worst case, rust and get stuck. Cleaning and lubrication may help.
  • Changing the outermost gasket set to the caliper, might also be a good idea. FRENKIT 'Caliper Basic Kit' is available e.g. in the AutoDoc app for NOK 150. Search for item number 235034. Larger repair packages at numbers 236049, 818011. If the gear on the outer part of the piston in the caliper has locked, a good cleaning and lubrication will mostly get this going again.
  • Breakage due to corrosion of the cable to the motor itself, is not an unknown phenomenon either, but occurs less frequently. Most often 20-40cm into the wiring network. Possible to splice with a wire stub, soldering iron/splicing sleeves and shrink sleeve. Can also be corrosion around/in contact. Check wiring and clean.
  • It's a good idea to run a test of the old motor, if you're not sure if it's actually the one that's failing. Use a 9v battery and make cable lugs that fit the connectors, see e.g. this video (1:38-2:03) from
  • You can also buy with a ready-made cable set and cable lugs below. 1m length. Rechargeable 9V battery, 1200mAh capacity and up to 1500 cycles, as well as type-C charging cable are included. Note that the copper conductors in the cables are tinned, withstand moist environments and can also be used for splicing, if you have a cable break.

NOTE. We only ship within Norway for the time beeing.

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