ORDER. You pre-can order without charging your account now. Just select payment on delivery when checking out. We encourage all customers to use payment on delivery or bank transfer, as these are a cheap form of settlement that contributes to our low prices. If pick-up youself in Oslo, you can also order and pay in the online store. But arrange a time before you arrive:  post@teslasuspension.com / 971 53 805.

ADAPTATION. Tesla recommends to replace air struts in pairs (passanger and driver side at the samt time). This is of course not an absolute requirement, and it is possible to change on only one side. But be aware that in a few cases, you may get problems with height adjustment, as different types of air struts may give unclear signals to the ECU/Software.

PART NUMBER. Always check original spare part number or OEM reference before ordering. The Tesla Parts Catalog main number of this item is 6006352, followed by variants of 00C, 00D, 04A, 04B, 06B, 06C, 07A, 07B. It fits rear wheel drive (RWD) and dual motor cars (DM, or AWD), produced between 2013 and March 2016 (pre-facelift), air suspension type standard, smart and plus. Regarding the  P85D+/plus variant, some customers have experienced the Vigor® air struts as a little softer. If for that reason you want to go for the originals from Tesla, you must make an assessment of yourself.

WARRANTY. There is a 2-year warranty on Vigor® air struts. But please note that this in principle only applies to installation at workshops authorized by Norwegian Public Road Administration, the NPRA (or similiar in other countries). In practice, however, the guarantee also applies if you install yourself. We assume here that you know what you're doing, and if you're not sure, rather seek out a workshop for assembly. Manufacturing defects give, regardless of what you go for, of course a full guarantee.

MOUNTING PLATE. You can in some cases reuse the old mounting plate & sponge thats on your old air strut. Or you can just order the air strut with a brand new set below.

NOTE. We only ship within Norway for the time being.

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