Air suspensions are our specialty

TESLASuspension is part of a company that works closely with suppliers for the the delivery of quality air struts to the Scandinavian market.

The main manufacturer has over 20 years of experience in the production of air suspensions for premium cars, and over 350 employees with their own R&D department for testing and new model developments. Registered brand name in the European and American market is Vigor® (see for instance vigorairride.com in the US).

The owner of TESLASuspension is Venninvest AS, a private investment company. We are located on St. hans haugen in Oslo, Norway.

TESLASuspension does not actively market its products with paid advertising, google adds etc. Sales rest on customers' experiences, and their recommendations. There is fierce competition in the market, and we greatly appreciate all Tesla owners who recommend us on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Feedback is what we learn from, it makes our product better and enable us to continue to deliver good air struts at affordable prices.

The company is committed to give 10 percent of any surplus to an enviromental purpose each financial year. The organizationc chosen must be pre-approved by the Norwegian Tax Administration.

For financial year 2022, it was the organization Miljøagentene (Eco-Agents), which received a gift from us. For 2023, it is Hold Norge Rent (Keep Norway Clean) that will receive a contribution to improve the littering of our coast.

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